Unmasking the Stranger

Unmasking the Stranger is a writing workshop that has been delivered in a few different spaces, and is suitable for both youth and adults. It involves mirrors, a blank face, and a journal. Using seemingly unconnected tools, participants are led through a guided reflection on how they perceive themselves and are perceived by others which always results in new insights. Participants then take a look at words and phrases that stand out for them in their work and can choose whether to share their writing with others.

Feedback from Participants from Parkdale Project Read:

• “I liked the diary writing activity and the personal things we shared.”

• “I liked circling the words that stood out for us. This was useful to use as keywords that could lead to good prompts to build other writing.”

• “It forced us to be creative and reflect externally.”

• “Fiona is very generous and welcoming.”

• “You had good prompts. It helped people get creative.”

• “When I didn’t feel comfortable talking about myself, I switched places with my partner and wrote about her using “I” statements.”

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